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Our Curriculum 

Children benefit from meaningful learning across the EYFS curriculum. The curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced to ensure children are covering all objectives in depth. Our curriculum builds on what children know and can do, towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for their future learning in KS1. Our planning is based around a variety of topics these being our focused texts; ‘what is going on in the world’ and most importantly children’s interests. We understand the importance of exploring concepts further to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding and consolidating learning. Children develop detailed knowledge and skills across the seven areas of learning and use these in an age-appropriate way. Communication and Language is at the heart of our curriculum and children develop their vocabulary and understanding of language daily.

Foundation Stones 

We believe EYFS is the foundations for children’s future learning. Therefore, we have analysed the KS1 curriculum carefully to ensure we are preparing our youngest children for their next steps. We have looked at all subjects and mapped out what knowledge and skills our children will leave EYFS with.

Please see our foundation stones document for more information.


Our curriculum has been sequenced into our long term planning ensuring we cover each objective that is mapped out in the Development Matters document over the year for nursery and reception. Our EYFS lead and teachers have worked alongside out SLT and subject leaders to ensure we are providing the best learning for our children. Our planning looks at topics and themes we can use to support our learning each term. Our long term planning is then put into a more detailed MTP that is sectioned into the teaching and learning for each week. This allows teachers to be prepared for the upcoming term. Our planning is always adaptable and will be based on the cohort of children we have and their individual needs.

Please see long term overviews, and links to the Development Matters documents to see what children are learning. 

Development Matters - Non-statutory curriculum guidance for the early years foundation stage (

Continuous Provision planning

At Halsnead we believe children’s play and independent learning are when children in early years get the best outcomes. Therefore we have created a continuous provision plan that sets out our enhancements for each area indoors and outdoors to ensure our provision creates the best opportunities for children to learn. Staff are all given this plan on a Friday so they can prepare any changes for the next week. The plan highlights the learning that could be happening in each area and what resources we will need. Teachers highlight children’s interests and the key vocabulary to support staff.  This plan is a working document and adapted when needed.