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All about Early Years

Halsnead Early Years Vision

All children will leave Halsnead Early Years with a passion for learning and a love of reading. They will be able to articulate their views confidently. They will be kind and caring and will know the importance of our school values. The children will be independent, confident to take risks, creative, curious and ready to explore the world around them. 

Our Early Years Intent

At Halsnead Primary School, we believe that all children deserve to have an equal chance of success. Every child can make progress with the right support. Through a carefully planned curriculum and strong relationships, we can provide a great start for all children.

In line with the recently updated Early Years Frame work, our school aims to inspire children to be able to be creative and think critically, through promoting independent choices and ensuring communication and language is at the heart of everything. We enable our children to develop knowledge and skills that are transferable and are used to promote our school values. We believe children in Early Years should be well-prepared to start their KS1 journey, showing resilience, aspiration, kindness, respect, collaboration and integrity in their thoughts and actions. We embed these key values through our curriculum, continuous provision and through strong relationships between adults and children.

We understand that play is an integral part of learning and this is at the heart of our Early Years' curriculum.

We implement a curriculum that is progressive across both settings; we ensure that learning is built upon each year, to give our children the opportunity to continually progress and enable them to have a great start in KS1.

We ensure all our children have access to enabling environments, indoors and outdoors, that are calm, organised and inspiring. Our environments create opportunities for children to develop and extend their learning and their creativity. 

Our staff pride themselves on high quality and purposeful interactions, through skilled questioning and by knowing each child’s interests and individual needs. We believe that the correct mix of adult directed activity and uninterrupted, child-initiated play, ensures the best outcomes for all pupils.

Our Early Years' curriculum makes a significant contribution towards children’s development, building a strong foundation for KS1.

Routines in Early Years

In early years we embed our daily routines from early on so children are able to cope with transitions smoothly. We believe consistency is key to ensuring children have a calm and productive day.


Please see our EYFS policy that has detailed information around all aspects of early years at Halsnead Primary School .