At Halsnead it is the belief that all children have an equal right to a full, broad and balanced education which will enable them to achieve their full potential.

We endeavour to provide this through Quality First Teaching as every teacher is a teacher of every child, including those with Special Educational Needs. This policy details how, at Halsnead, we will ensure that teachers will work alongside parents, other professionals and the child, to provide the best outcomes so that children with SEN can work and access all school activities together with pupils who do not have special educational needs.


Halsnead School aims to raise the aspirations of and expectations for all pupils with SEN. Halsnead provides a focus on outcomes for children and young people and not just hours of provision and support.

  • to identify and provide for pupils who have special educational needs
  • to request, monitor and respond to parents/carers and pupils views in order to achieve high levels of confidence and partnership
  • to make clear the expectations of all partners in the process
  • to ensure a high level of staff expertise to meet pupil need, through well targeted continuing professional development
  • to ensure support for pupils with medical conditions full inclusion in all school activities by ensuring consultation with health and social care professionals (See our Medical Conditions Policy)
  • to identify the roles and responsibilities of all staff in providing for children’s special educational needs and provide advice and support for all staff working with SEN pupils

Named Leads

Halsnead Primary School has a named SENCo, Mrs K. Stickler, who is a member of the School Leadership Team, a Learning Mentor, Mrs C. Burns, an assistant Learning Mentor, Mrs J.Whitby, and a named Governor responsible for SEN, Miss C. McDonough.

They can be contacted at school using the school’s contact details, which can be found on the school website (

They ensure that the Halsnead Special Educational Needs policy works within the guidelines and inclusion policies of the Code of Practice (2014), The Heath Academy Trust, the Local Authority and other policies current within the school. This policy has been developed through consultations with staff, governors and parents.


SEN Information Report Accessibility Plan