At Halsnead we firmly believe that all children have an entitlement to be educated alongside their peers in their local community. As an inclusive community we are committed to developing inclusive cultures, policies and practices. We actively seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual pupils, or groups of pupils. This means that equality of opportunity must be a reality for our children. We make this a reality through the attention that we pay to the different groups of children within our school:

At Halsnead, the Inclusion Team comprises of Dave Catt, head of school and Adam Owen, SENDCO. The Inclusion team is supported by Julie Whitby and Carol McDonough who support SEND and vulnerable pupils at Halsnead Primary School.

Our partners include Helen McGarry (trust SEND and inclusion lead) and Knowsley inclusion team.

Our inclusion team works closely with children, teachers, and parents, to support children’s behaviour for learning. The school closely monitors and analyses both classroom and playground behaviour to ensure that the necessary support is provided where needed. The school runs targeted interventions to help support children develop their behaviour and ensure there is no interruption to learning. We communicate with parents and outside agencies to ensure a positive learning experience for every child, praising and rewarding good behaviour, which sets a high expectation across the school.