Support and Wellbeing

We appreciate the difficulties our families face at this time, we hope that this page can provide some useful resources and places you can go to for help and support.

We are aware that many of our families have experienced an especially challenging time during the Coronavirus pandemic. Some have lost relatives or close family friends during the past few months, whilst others have experienced a very stressful time for other reasons . During this especially difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in our community who is bereaving a loved one or is experiencing a time of great difficulty at present.

However, please do not feel alone. As always, the staff at Halsnead Primary are here to
help. Detailed on the next pages are some avenues for support, which I hope may be of


However, please do contact us and we will do all we can to assist you - even if it is to
just talk.


We are all in this together, but together we are stronger.