At Halsnead Primary School, History should develop our children’s interests and sense of identity through learning about their past and the development of Britain, Europe and the World. We aim to introduce children to skills that are involved in understanding and interpreting information from the past.

Our History teaching focuses on enabling our children to think as historians. Through the teaching of history they will also develop their skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis evaluation and presentation including how evidence is used to make historical claims. History enables children to know and understand about the significant events in British history and to appreciate how these events have impacted and have changed over time. They will learn about the past in a variety of ways using artefacts, photographs, stories, role-play and written primary sources.

In addition, our children will visit museums and historical sites which will help to develop their understanding and knowledge. We will also bring in visitors from outside of school to develop our themes and give the children a real life experience.