Our Learning

At our school we provide pupils with a knowledge based curriculum that we feel is relevant for the 21st Century.

Through all that we do in school, we aim to live our school’s vision: Every child will reach their own personal and academic excellence and will be motivated to be life-long learners.

Within school, we will promote the personal development of all; with a focus on our school values of respect, collaboration, integrity, kindness, aspiration and resilience.

We will work together, promote collaboration, be inclusive, provide equality of opportunity, share achievements, help all feel that they belong, whilst moving forward in our learning.

We aim to make learning as engaging as possible, making it fun and enjoyable whilst being purposeful. We will support and nurture the development of resilient, determined learners who join us at any time in the school life, from any starting point, so that they will leave us ready to embark on their next chapter of their learning.
Through exceptional teaching and a caring, purposeful ethos, we will inspire all to aspire to great things; to become the best they can be.

Our school curriculum includes all learning and other experiences within our school.
Our long-term teaching plans are based on the objectives within the National Curriculum (2014) and other programmes of study.

Plans are formulated for all year groups using the NC or Development Matters in all subjects to ensure breadth and balance.We seek to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and prepare ‘pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life’ (DfE, National Curriculum, 2014).

The curriculum is designed to have developmental opportunities for SMSC, physical, career and British Values running through it. We actively promote aspirations and link learning to future dreams, careers, goals.

Children are given opportunities to learn outside of their classrooms, making use of our local and wider community, participating in day or residential visits, during their school life. We work with external agencies to promote areas of expertise and interests, to develop experiences and to enrich our children’s learning.

We strive to make our children independent, confident and reflective learners and will also teach them ‘how’ to learn and support them in these key skills.