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Kids Club (Breakfast and After School Club).

The Halsnead Kids' Club provides before and after school care for children whose parents are either working or studying at college. Breakfast starts at 8am, the staff ensure the children are delivered to their class teachers safely. Kids' club starts at 3.20pm, at which time the staff collect the children from their classrooms and keep them safe until parents/carers collect them. After school Kids' club is open up to 6pm.

The objectives of the "Kids' Club" are

  • to provide the necessary facilities for the daily care and recreational education of children during out of school hours
  • to advance the education and training of persons in the provision of such care, education and recreation facilities

It operates from a room in the school but can use the school hall, large and small playground as well as the computer suite. It is always well attended with around 16-24 children each evening. The breakfast club is also well attended with around 8-16 children each morning. The Breakfast Club and Kids' Club are both valuable services needed by many parents.

Children in the breakfast club receive a drink and a choice of healthy cereals, toast and fresh fruit, those in the Kids' Club are provided with a drink and a wide range of healthy snacks. Fresh drinking water is always available for our children.

Activities include arts and crafts, board games, puzzles, dressing up and role play, physical outdoor games such as football.

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Making Pizza for snack

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Making Pizza for snack 2
Making Pizza for snack 3
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Making Pizza for snack 7
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