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Group 1 Oct-Dec

What have you enjoyed making in Sewing Club?


Nevaeh has enjoyed making "the bookmark"


Tilly enjoyed making "the mask. It's a Superhero one!"


Owen liked making "the card because it's easy. You get to go in and out the holes."


Max said "my favourite thing is the mask because I want to be a Ninja! I made a red Ninja mask to go with my costume."


"I liked the toy. My Nan said she's going to put it on the Christmas tree. It's a Gingerbread Man." Said Thom.


Grace liked making her "toy owl. I've kept it but I'm thinking of giving it to my mum and dad."


Oliver enjoyed making "the card" 


Harry enjoyed making "the mask. A Ninja Turtle one Leonardo, because it was cool!"


Kai said that he liked "making the card for my mum" the best.

Christmas Cards - 9th December

Bookmarks - 3rd December

Poppies 3rd November