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Eco Award Club

Because we care about our environment we will:


H- have an Eco-Warrior in each class

A- always reduce, reuse and recycle any materials

L- learn about how to protect our world

S- switch off when we can

N- never leave taps running

E- treat our school and community environment with respect

A- always pick up our litter

D- divide our recycling into plastic, paper and tins

Congratulations to all the children who received an Eco award

Congratulations to all the children who received an Eco award 1

Our New Willow Dome

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Halsnead would like to introduce their latest addition to the school playground-a willow dome!  The Eco-Warriors and a few children from each year group had the opportunity to help create the dome with expert help from Jeff Allen from ‘Eco Arts’, Preston.  Mrs Elwill, the school’s Eco-Lead Teacher said, “This will make a great addition to our Eco-friendly playground!”  One of the children said, “It was great using the hammer!”  Halsnead are working hard to improve the appearance of their school and their Eco-credentials.  They are currently having a new roof installed to improve their energy rating.  The Eco-Warriors are working closely with their on-site community allotments to harvest rainwater, create their own compost and encourage bees and other insects into their wildlife area.  The willow dome has already proved a huge success with the children, parents and staff!

Eco Warrior’s Wormeries

February 2015

Picture 1 With the help of Mrs Cinnamond on the allotment, the Eco-Warriors have also made wormeries.
Picture 2 We used sand, soil and leaves to create the wormery. We put tiger worms in one and earthworms in another.
Picture 3 We hope to use the compost they create on the allotment to help the flowers and vegatables to grow.

Eco Warrior’s Litter Pick

March 2015

Picture 1 The Eco-Warriors have been on a litter pick in and around the school grounds. We filled 4 bin bags with litter off the floor!
Picture 2 Mrs Abdous has now bought a set of litter pickers and we plan to do a litter pick each week throughout the school year.
Picture 3
Picture 4