The local governing body (LGB) is the key strategic body of the school. Its role is to work with Trustees at The Heath Family Multi Academy Trust and ensure all statutory duties are met and the school is making good progress. The LGB operates under a Scheme of Delegation determined by the Trustees of The Heath Family following it's reconstitution in November 2018.

The full governing body is made up of 2 parent governors, 2 staff governors and 5 Trust Appointed governors - they all have a 4-year term of office. Current governors are shown below, along with their terms of office:

The local governing body (September 2021 update)

Anita Lawson (trust) 30.01.21 - 29.01.24
Terry Byron (trust) 08.09.21 - 07.09.25
Paul Stanley (trust) 27.05.21 - 26.05.25
Mrs Lynsey Hanley (parent) 08.02.21 - 07.02.25
Adam Owen (staff) 05.11.20 - 04.11.24
Annette Williams (trust) 01.09.21 (temporary)
Vacancy (trust)
Vacancy (staff)
Vacancy (parent)

Dave Catt – head of school (in attendance)

Sarah Greer - executive headteacher (in attendance)

Governor resignations

Jill Sharp (01.06.17 – 31.05.21) left when term of office ended
Carol McDonough (01.06.17 – 31.05.21) left when term of office ended
Kate Sullivan (17.12.20 – 06.07.21) resigned due to personal circumstances

Member attendance 2020 2021

Governor Name 

Full Governing Body 







Mrs H Taylor 

T Byron 

Mrs A Lawson 

Mrs C McDonough 


A Horrocks 



Mrs J Sharp 



 P Stanley 

A Owen 


Mrs L Handley 




Mrs K Sullivan 




Attended meeting 

Apologies sent and accepted by meeting 

Did not attend 


Not a member of the Committee/Board 



There are no discrete committees. Governors meet twice a term as a full governing body.

The minutes from governing board meetings are available from the school upon request.  Decisions are recorded but individual voting records are not as the governing board acts as a corporate body in law.

To find out about the Trust Board and Governance of The Heath Multi-Academy Trust please visit the Trust website

Information about being a school governor can also be seen on the website of the National Governors Association.

To make contact with our governors, please use the contact details on our contact us page.

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