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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs Anita Abdous Headteacher

Mrs Anita Abdous Headteacher 1
Deputy Head Teacher Daniel Snowdon
Administrative Staff Lisa Cope
  Irene Brown
  Amanda Massey
Premises Officer Andy Horrocks
Teaching Staff  
Nursery Teacher Mrs Davies
Reception Teachers Miss Cantwell
  Mrs Jones
Year 1 Teachers Mrs Stickler
  Miss Size
Year 2 Teachers Mrs Elwill/Mr Snowdon
  Mrs Wills/Miss Yoxall
Year 3 Teachers Mrs Kendall
  Mr Owen
Year 4 Teachers Mrs Redmond
  Mr Doherty
Year 5 Teachers Mr Spruce
  Mrs Westoby / Mrs Golding
Year 6 Teachers Mrs Olushonde
  Mr Winstanley
Curriculum Support Staff  
HLTA Miss Eddleston
  Mrs Simms
Learning Mentor

Mrs Burns

Mrs Whitby

Teaching Assistants Miss Skillicorn
  Mrs Fairclough
  Mrs Fenney
  Mrs Jones
  Miss McDonough
  Mrs McStein-Roberts
  Miss Pattie
  Miss Wright
  Mrs Lewis
Kids Club / Breafast Club Team Miss Griffith
  Mrs Homan
  Miss Wright
Lunchtime Welfare Staff Mrs Cinnamond
  Mrs Colduck
  Mrs Homan
  Miss Robinson
  Miss Donnelly