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Spring 2


Week 1 and 2 - Journey

Week 3 and 4 - T-Rex

Week 5 and 6 - Dear Dinosaur

We will be learning how to -

  • Write a fact about a T-rex
  • Label our favourite dinosaur
  • Write in sentences
  • Write a letter
  • Write an invitation


Week 1 and 2 - Numbers and the number system including pattern 

Week 3 and 4 - Calculating - Adding and Subtracting

Week 5 - Money

Week 6 - 3D Shape and Pattern

We will be learning how to -

  • count by rote to 20 and beyond.
  • count upto 20 objects in a straight line, saying number names in order.
  • count upto 20 objects in an irregular pattern (by touching or moving each object).
  • count upto 20 objects which can`t be moved eg on a picture or claps/jumps.
  • count out upto 20 objects from a larger amount.
  • recognise numerals to 20 and beyond.
  • order numbers to 20 and above.
  • find numbers which are missing  from a number line and explain why.
  • Write numbers to 20 and beyond.
  • Match numbers to the correct amount of objects.
  • Find the number that is one more and one less than a given number practically or with a number line.
  • continue a pattern
  • make my own pattern and explain what I have done


  • Asking appropriate questions of others
  • How actions can hurt feelings
  • Finding a compromise


  • Exploring different occupations
  • Know some of the things that make me unique
  • Can talk about similarities and differences in relation to friends and family
  • Talks about proud moments
  • Is it magnetic?



Places that are special.

Children are invited to bring in photos or drawings of places that are special to them (e.g. a special room in their house, a special place to visit - Nanny`s house, a special shop, a friends house, the park, a special holiday) for our class book. 


  • Mother's Day cards
  • Easter cards
  • Sketching natural materials
  • Looking at photographer Andy Goldsworthy
  • Looking at Andy Warhol
  • Making fossils
  • Looking at Sara Fanelli