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Welcome to the Reception page!

The Reception Staff consist of two class Teachers - Miss J Cantwell  (Foundation Stage Manager) and Mrs S Jones and two Teaching Assistants - Miss A Eddleston and Mrs L Jones.

If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to speak to one of our team on the door before or after school or you can telephone the school office at any time and we will return your call as soon as we are able.



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Parents/carers, did you know that ALL children in Reception class, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to FREE school meals? Please see a member of staff if you require further details.

Diary Dates


Monday 11th June - return to school

Tuesday 19th June - The Big Toddle to Stadt Moers park. Class RJ am. Class RC pm parents/carers are welcome to join us. 

Wednesday 27th June - Sports Day 10-11am on the school field 

Friday 6th July - School trip to Underwater Street

Monday 16th July - Children meet their new teacher for Year 1 in September 

Wednesday 18th July - 100% Attendance Reward 

Friday 20th July - Break up for Summer






  • Snack money £1 per week
  • PE on Wednesday Mornings. Please make sure your child has their (named!) P.E. kit and that any earrings have been removed.
  • P.E. kit - t-shirt, shorts, pumps.
  • Please bring book bags (and books!) every day
  • Please make sure ALL items of clothes (inc lunch boxes, PE kits, coats) are named
  • Complete any outstanding homework

Reception Class Representitives

Fairtrade - Isla Little and Matthew Handley

School Council - Holly  Mardon and Ruby Marzelos

Eco-Warrior - Kian Lennon-Vaughan and Pearl Parsonage

Allotment - Harry  Pye and Caleb Reeson

Reading Champion - Isla Maclean and Carter Wilcock

Maths Champion - Harrison Darwin and Reece Hill

100% Attendance Reward- Flying Kites

Outdoor Classroom Day - Traffic survey

Healthy Eating/ The Dentist

We have planted poppy seeds. Hopefully they will grow and be in flower for our Remembrance Day service in November which marks the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1

 When we went to the allotment last week, we were talking about some of the plants that we could see growing and whether we like eating them or not. A lot of children said they like strawberries. Miss Eddleston asked if we'd like to grow some. We have planted our own little fruit and vegetable garden. We have to look after it and care for it, checking to see if anything's growing. It was hard work but we worked together and took turns to complete each task. We were very interested to see the different seeds and compare them. It'll be very interesting to see how the fruits and vegetables grow. Will they be under the ground, on top of the ground or will we have to pick them from a plant? We are really excited to find out!

We planted strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, radish, spring onions, beetroot and peas. Hopefully they'll all grow and we can eat our lovely food for snack!

Tadpoles at the allotment

Sports Relief 2018

Baking Bread - The Little Red Hen

Salt dough cakes for our role play bakery

Wear Blue for Bobby

Wear Blue for Bobby 1
Thank you for all your support in our wear blue for Bobby road safety campaign. If you would like any more information please follow the link below to their website. 

Fairtrade banana smoothies

Fairtrade hot chocolate

Fairtrade Banana Squares

World Book Day in Reception Class

World Book Day in Reception Class 1

Today we had a visit from the School Nurses who taught us all about hand hygiene. We talked about why it`s important to wash our hands properly and when we need to wash them, before eating, after using the toilet, after playing in the sand or the play dough. They showed us the correct way to wash our hands so that tiny germs can`t hide anywhere and make us poorly. We put our hands under a special light and they glowed white where the germs were. Then we went to the toilets and washed our hands like the nurse had shown us, front, backs, nails,  in between fingers and both thumbs. We were singing "Happy Birthday to you" so that we wash them for long enough. 

When they were dry (we found out that it`s very important to dry your hands properly too!) we put our hands back under the special light machine. If there was any white on our hands, it showed us where we had missed when we had washed them. It was lots of fun! We would love to have a magic light box in school!

Well done to everyone for their fabulous number clothes and costumes. Reception class raised £31.43 for the NSPCC. We had fun doing lots of maths activities.

PE travelling in different ways and staying safe

Planting daffodil bulbs

Every morning while we wait to do the register, we practise our writing. We write our name, practise our letter formation and try to write simple CVC words independently. 
We have been reading Hansel and Gretel so we decided to go to the allotment to make our own trails to get us back to school. We had to decide which trail we wanted to make, Cheerios, nuts, cheese biscuits or popcorn. Then we had to find a good place to start. We decided not to go into the polytunnel because the birds can't get in there to eat the food we're putting down. Mrs Cinnamond is going to watch to see which food the birds like the best.

We can find 2 objects

In maths, we have been learning about the number 1 and 2. Today our challenge was to find 2 objects in the classroom. It was easy!

Hansel and Gretel Story Map

Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread houses

Role Play - Pizza Parlour

We enjoy using our role play pizza parlour. We negotiate the roles, chef or customer. Taking turns to use the equipment. We reenact the role, pretending to do the job, reading the menu, taking orders, choosing which toppings and how many we would like, writing down the orders and numbers. Recreating the pizza, matching the shapes and colours, counting how many tomatoes or pieces of ham. Talking about the size of the pizza small, medium or large? Cooking the pizza, what temperature and for how long? Cutting it into slices, what shapes? Sharing the pizza. How much does it cost? Using the till, writing a receipt, giving the change. Booking a table in the diary. We are learning lots of different skills in our pizza parlour!

Our challenge when we went to the allotment today was a counting treasure hunt. We had to find natural materials then count the right amount. 1 stick, that is shaped like 'Y',  2 pine cones, 3 leaves, 4 stones, 5 twigs.

Epiphany King and Queen for the day

Epiphany King and Queen for the day 1

Making bird feeders

Shape pictures

We have been learning about pattern. We have used different resources to copy a pattern , continue a pattern and to make our own patterns.

Nativity preparations

Nativity preparations  1
Nativity preparations  2
Today was our dress rehearsal for the Foundation Stage Nativity. All the children in school came to watch the Nursery children act and the Reception children sing in the choir. We really hope that you can come and watch us on Wednesday 6th December at 9.30am or 2.15pm.

This week for Golden Time we have made our own picture toast! It was delicious!

A great big "Thank You" to all the parents and grandparents that could join us today for our Classroom maths lesson and Christmas Craft session in the hall. 

Children in Need

Children in Need 1

We have been learning about Remembrance Day. We decided to ask Mrs Cinnamond if we could make some wreaths at the allotment. In class we decorated some poppies to put on our wreaths. We are going to have a remembrance service on Friday and in the afternoon we will take our poppy wreaths to St Nicholas' church. Hopefully some of our families will be able to come too. 

A great big "Thank You!" To everyone who joined us on our walk to St Nicholas' church. The children were amazing and made us all so proud. 

Remembrance Service and St Nicholas' Church

Tower challenge

In maths, our challenge was to build a tower. We had to count how many blocks we had used. Who's tower was the tallest? Who's was the shortest? How many more blocks have they used? 

If we were really clever we could find the number to represent how many blocks used. 

Read Write Inc

We have been practising our letter recognition using the magnetic letters. 

We tried to hear sounds and move the letters to the top of the board to write words.

100% Attendance reward - skipping workshop

Drawing pictures

Since we started school we have been meeting new people and making new friends, building new relationships with adults and other children.


Miss Cantwell asked us the question "are we all the same or different?" We are doing lots of activities to find the answer.

Picture 1

Play dough people