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Welcome to the Reception page!

The Reception Staff consist of two class Teachers - Miss J Cantwell  (Foundation Stage Manager) and Mrs S Jones and two Teaching Assistants - Mrs L Jones and Miss J Pattie. 

If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to speak to one of our team on the door before or after school or you can telephone the school office at any time and we will return your call as soon as we are able.



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Parents/carers, did you know that ALL children in Reception class, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to FREE school meals? Please see a member of staff if you require further details.

Diary Dates


25th - Return to School 8.50am 



6th Nursery and Reception Reading Retreat 9am

7th World Book Day - come to school dressed as your favourite character from a book, traditional tale or nursery rhyme.

15th - Red Nose Day. Children can wear their own clothes for a voluntary donation.



3rd - Parents/Carers Evening 





  • Snack money £1 per week
  • PE - Thursday mornings Please make sure your child has their (named!) P.E. kit in school and that any earrings have been removed.
  • P.E. kit - t-shirt, shorts, pumps.
  • Please bring book bags (and books!) every day
  • Please make sure ALL items of clothes (inc lunch boxes, PE kits, coats) are named
  • Complete any outstanding homework

Planting Spring flowers

A big "Thank You!" to all the families who came to share a story with us at our reading retreat. 

Ice Investigation

Ice Investigation  1 "The ice is melting because inside here it's hot"
Ice Investigation  2
Ice Investigation  3 I'm going to hit it with a spoon
Ice Investigation  4 I'll try dropping it.
Ice Investigation  5
Ice Investigation  6
Ice Investigation  7 "This one hasn't iced. It needs the freezer"
Ice Investigation  8 "It's freezing. It's ice!"
Ice Investigation  9 "Look, it floats!"
Ice Investigation  10
Ice Investigation  11 "I put it in the water and the ice melted"
Ice Investigation  12 "It's hard to get it off!"
Ice Investigation  13
Ice Investigation  14 "I'll put it in the water"
Ice Investigation  15 "Now I'll crack it"
Ice Investigation  16 Yeah! I did it!

We put bowls of water with toy animals in them in the freezer and some outside. When we checked on them today the ones from the freezer had turned to ice. We investigated why and tried to solve the problem, how do we get the animals out?

Hand washing

Today we had a visit from the School Nurses who taught us all about hand hygiene. We talked about why it`s important to wash our hands properly and when we need to wash them, before eating, after using the toilet, after playing in the sand or the play dough. They showed us the correct way to wash our hands so that tiny germs can`t hide anywhere and make us poorly. We put our hands under a special light and they glowed white where the germs were. Then we went to the toilets and washed our hands like the nurse had shown us, front, backs, nails,  in between fingers and both thumbs. We were singing "Happy Birthday to you" so that we wash them for long enough. 

When they were dry (we found out that it`s very important to dry your hands properly too!) we put our hands back under the special light machine. If there was any white on our hands, it showed us where we had missed when we had washed them. It was lots of fun! We would love to have a magic light box in school!

Visiting the cenotaph

Making Poppy Biscuits

Mark Making

Pumpkin Soup

Our Senses - The Smell Test

Retelling the Story of David and Goliath

Bugs in Blankets

Using magnetic letters to write simple words

Team work - Planting